Globally, more than US$23 trillion are invested in sustainability, our proposal Sucre.IO comes to solve the connectivity problem between funders, sustainable impact ventures and corporations looking boost their ESG* performance, all on our blockchain ecosystem; and at the same time allowing them to align their impact vision with the UN SDG* framework, with possibilities to generate a competitive financial returns, positive societal impact, stakeholders engagement, corporate ESG risk hedge and boosting ESG performance.

*UN SDG = United Nation, Sustainable Development Goalds. | *ESG = Environment, Society & Governance

The Sucre.IO is a effort developing and managetment by G. Malave, Inc. that should be classified as software, a fintech entrepreneurship, we are not a financial institution, all members partners might evaluate the regulatory environment of their organization.

We adopting the blockchain in core business and cryptocurrency as a value differentiator. Besides, we are supporting us on a global network of microfinance institutions that act as creators of sustainability.

For additional information please contact us: grmalave(at)hotmail(dot)com