The way a corporation is impacting the Environment, Society and Governance (ESG) indicates to investors how to determine its worth. Sustainable investing has enabled investors to think more systematically about unexpected risks. Also, it allows investors to evaluate costly issues arising from ESG risk factors that can hurt long-run returns.

Sucre.IO platform solves the problem of connectivity between investors, SUstainability CREation and the need for corporations that find boost their ESG performance on our Marketplace-Blockchain-Based, supported by our utility token: The Sucre (SCR).


The Sucre (SCR) cryptocurrency, is a utility token that facilitates activities inside the Sucre.IO Blockchain; 100 billion has been issued and listed in the Waves DEX, it will be distributed to those who participate in the partner program.

The Sucre (SCR) basic utility:

- Fees: All fees for the uses of platform services will be payable in Sucre (SCR).

- New participants: To enjoy the Sucre.IO network new partners will be added in time after we closed our partnership program, currently open, the new members must make their contribution with Sucre (SCR) and these must be acquired at market prices.

Prototype Ecosystem

1.- Sell Side | Sustainability Creators: They are microfinance institutions who are modernizing its scope, offering sustainability proposals.

  • +4.000 global microfinance institutions and other NGOs

2.- Buy-Side | High Impact Institutions: They are asset owners, fund managers that are looking for impact investment opportunities. Other participant on this side are companies that looking improve their sustainability performance consuming high-quality sustainability proposals.

  • +500 asset owners, fund managers, impact and sustainable investment institutions
  • +2.000 public corporations, upgradable to 11.000, needing to be improved their ESG ratings and performance

Sucre (SCR) Distribution

Distribution for the Sucre (SRC) token:

- 50% guarantee network transactions

- 40% for distribution via the Partnership Program

- 5% To fund rewards

- 4% held by to support operational costs

- 1% for team, developers, and advisers


- We incorporated to our business plan microfinance institutions, the ones that give us a global potential scope of +100 million of people, and saving MFIs from the risk of disruption in the process.

- We use disruptive technologies like Blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

Where to trade Sucre (SCR)

To buy or sell Sucre (SCR) you must to have a Waves DEX account. the orders can be taken partially or fully, currently Sucre (SCR) is being traded only on Bitcoin (BTC) and Waves Token pairs.

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Risk Disclosure

Cryptocurrency trading is not suitable for all investors and involves the risk of loss. The risk of loss in cryptos can be substantial. You should, therefore, carefully consider whether such trading is suitable for your financial condition. No statement within this webpage should be construed as a recommendation to buy or sell cryptocurrencies or as investment advice.


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